Project Brief.

Product & packaging art is important for a business. In fact, most companies around the world depend on appearance.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a statement that’s hardly applicable to the marketing world. Consumers inevitably levitate towards whatever catches their eye. Even a renowned brand name can gain artistic enrichment with the help of an illustrator. Hence, it then becomes a part of an artwork.

Oftentimes, the packaging sells more than the content itself. Why? Because a striking appearance creates an impression of product quality.

Consumers have one goal: to consume. Producers have another: to sell. Buying something is as simple as 1-2-3; but what is it that must happen “behind the scenes” that will lead to that purchase?

Product and package designing is the process of combining art and psychology, and unfortunately, discussions about that often come last. The result: hasty and careless designs.

The influence that the looks of something have on people is amazing. Pretty containers can make it to the buyers’ social media platforms or group chats, and may even inspire some in their own creations.

Interesting-looking designs push a hand to reach for that product. Next, the consumer further enables the marketing process without even realizing it.

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