Project Brief.

(The image displayed is part of an ongoing project for a potential client for their new wine labels.)

(Image has been blurred for discretion purposes)

Through an illustrator, an entrepreneur can create a one-of-its-kind private label. Consumers have evolved from being local to becoming international. Nowadays, a consumer may come across two different products with the same image. That is due to producers purchasing online-pictures accessible to all internet users. This rising issue makes collaborating with illustrators a priority. Thus, private label art is growing into a unique trend.

To expand on the designing part, authenticity on its own will provide quite the marketing push. A captivating and thought-provoking design will definitely attract buyers. When creating a private label design, it is vital to always keep human psychology in mind. Moreover, it is the combination of the brand identity and psych facts that will bring together that authentic result.

That said, private labels must showcase what the company stands for and its care for product quality.

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