Project Brief.

(The image displayed is an example of a potential poster design)

The purpose of posters is to attract someone from afar and hence educate, inform, or promote something in just a few seconds. Every person who walks past an announcement board can immediately point out the poster design that catches their eye. Viewers are very likely to then approach it and read its content. The impact these printed advertisements have is quite strong; thus, they may be described as a visual magnet.

How is this achievable?

A poster with illustrations rather than typical geometric shapes and big bold letters will for sure provoke attention. People engage with the art of things first, and their message second. They see shapes and colors first and read afterward.

This media is a cost-effective and great way to reach the public. Hanging up a poster in a high-traffic area immediately grows a crowd around it.  People passing by can take pictures of the poster and share it or save it for future reference. It is an efficient way of receiving website views, email requests, reservations, or whatever else the call-to-action is. Therefore, this advertising practice is perhaps one of the most common ones.

To summarize, captivating images and exciting, informative content will surely help achieve a promotional goal.

Some recommended locations for hanging posters are:

  • shopping centers,
  • bathroom stalls,
  • main entrances of buildings,
  • cafes,
  • and other public places.

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