Project Brief.

The image displayed is an illustrated logo design for My Greece Chauffeur https://www.mygreecechauffeur.com/

With free accessibility to thematic images and icons online, avoiding cliché logo-purchasing is now becoming a worldwide trend among companies and entrepreneurs. Currently, they are leaning towards illustrators for hand-crafted logos from scratch. This way, they are ensuring a secure visual for what their business stands for.

Creating recognition should always be the aim of any brand name. Logos have a way of doing that automatically; first optical impressions count. With a smart, practical, and artistically pleasing logo, promoting any business is easier. A logo can be cleverly incorporated in email campaigns or advertisements and thus arouse attention.

There are hundreds of highly recognizable logos around the world. People can find what they are looking for from afar. No brand around the world has made it to the top without a tasteful, respective, representation of their name. It is the reflection of all the company abides by, and it shall remain in history.

In conclusion, logos are the visual power of a company or brand because they are what the public will keep a note of in their memory book.

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