Project Brief.

(The image displayed is a personal digital illustration.)

The creation and thus use of custom-made digital art and prints is a growing trend. Painting by hand on canvas has been and forever will be a respectable practice. However, this day and age call for evolvement.

When an artwork is digitalized, it is ultimately transferable and accessible on all electronic devices that support image-sharing. Therefore, it is a way of obtaining an illustration or painting clearly on your screen.

Having an electronically-drawn piece actually creates a lot of usage possibilities. You may want something as simple as a desktop or phone HD, personalized wallpaper, or use your requested art as a featured visual in your email campaign, presentation, advertisement, YouTube video, or even as a holiday e-card. What’s best about this is that no one else will have what you have; it is an original, illustrated piece from scratch, based on your ideas and vision.

Moving on to digital art prints, what are they?

They are a printed version (in various sizes) of an original drawing. Custom-made prints can be a great gift for anyone. Their use would be mainly decoration, just like a hand-painted artwork would be. Digital prints can be a fun way to make important information memorable to your students by displaying it in a colorful visual, they can bring life to a boring old office, or simply decorating your home.

Of course, the highlight of digital prints may be that you can own more of the same piece! In addition, you’ll safely know that there are no other copies of the artwork around the world. This is perfect for multiple classrooms, offices, and even hotel rooms.

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