Project Brief.

(The images displayed are examples of cover art, and are based on original characters, plots, and titles.)

Ever heard of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Countless social experiments and psychological studies have proven this statement truthful. Cover art is simply what you see on the front of your favorite album or book. The designs range from as simplistic as a solid color and title, to real photos, to hand-drawn art. When thinking about what you should put on your work’s cover, what must be your goal is to bring the inside, outside.

If the content you have created is something you know will inspire, you must have a representative visual for it. Undoubtedly, literature and music are forms of art; so why not create a complete masterpiece? A hand-illustrated cover is 100% unique, it is a reflection of your vision crafted in the most respectful way.

You don’t just want to sell; you want to create familiarity, individuality, and ultimately, a reputation.  Your album or book covers must represent what your story is all about.

It should be noted that there is no need to think about a ‘perfect’, strategic cover, but rather aim for the same thing you aimed for when writing.

” “A lot of times cover art is the consumer’s first interaction with an artist’s work,” D.R.A.M.’s creative director Sais tells me.” Read more

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