Coffee King – Christmas Cups

When drinking coffee, I don’t just care about the content of my purchase. I’ve always appreciated coffee shops that not only take care of having cups that clearly stand out from the rest but ones that put in an equal amount of thought into selling their drinks in holiday-themed or other celebratory containers.
As Christmas approached, I noticed people holding more and more festivity. Coffee King, a local and very busy coffee shop, was yet to enter the holiday spirit, and when I asked, they told me they weren’t planning to.
Thus, I offered to bring in a few ideas for them to review and hopefully approve for printing.
The owners put their full trust in me, as my guidance was to simply come up with something myself.
When brainstorming, I focused on incorporating the logo in the illustration, since the original cups are the same front and back.
Out of the three ideas I presented, the gold reindeer won the owners and staff over, and I was soon drinking my favorite coffee from my favorite cup.

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